Volume 9, Issue 1

May 2012


Barker, Martin (Joint Editor). Editorial introduction


Das, Ranjana. The task of interpretation; children walking “Facebook streets”

Johanson, Katya & Hilary Glow. ‘It’s not enough for the work of art to be great’: Children and Young People as Museum Visitors

Popovic, Helena. ‘Uncivilized’ Comedy and its Reception

Smets, Kevin. ‘Connecting Islam and film culture: The reception of The Message (Ar Risalah) among the Moroccan diaspora

Vellar, Agnese. The recording industry and grassroots marketing: from street teams to flash mobs


Donovan, Barna William. Blood, Guns and Testosterone: Action Films, Audiences, and a Thirst for Violence. (Martin Barker)

Reason, Matthew. The Young Audience: Exploring and enhancing children’s experiences of theatre.  (Kirsty Sedgman)