Volume 19, Issue 2

March 2023 — Current Issue


Editor’s Introduction
Sue Turnbull


Transnational Audience Mobility – Or How I Learnt to Love Crocodile Dundee
Karina Aveyard

A Spanish anime childhood: Early perception of anime in Spain by mainstream audiences 
Susana Tosca and Victor Navarro Remesal

Reflections of Hope and Anxiety in Audience Responses to Three Environmental Films
Kaisa Hiltunen and Minna Rainio

Can Telenovelas be Cult TV?: An Audience Perspective
Clarice Greco

Safety Glass Cinema: A Film Festival’s Drive-In Response to COVID-19
Hagen Nelson and Vincent Georgie

Megathreads and ‘waifu wars’: A structural content analysis of r/persona5 as a community of practice
Rebecca Britt and PS Berge

The ‘Fanfic Lens’: Fan Writing’s Impact on Media Consumption
Fabienne Silberstein-Bamford

Towards a Theory of ‘Appropriate Fandom’
Mark Stewart

Evaluating participation – how to measure a complex concept
Louise Ejgood Hansen

Themed Section: The dynamics of film audiences: how they form and develop relationships with film

Editors’ Introduction
Bridgette Wessels and Lito Tsitsou

The Place of Film in Cinema Memory
Silvia Dibeltulo & Daniela Treveri Gennari

‘I’m no expert, but…’: Everyday Textual Analysis with Film Audiences in the English Regions
David Forrest 

Audience Engagement with Foreign to English Language Film, Othering, and Interpretative frameworks 
Lito Tsitsou 

Analysing film audiences: the merits of a data ontology
Michael Pidd

How Audiences Form: theorising audiences through how they develop relationships with film 
Bridgette Wessels