Volume 7, Issue 1

May 2010


Barker, Martin (Joint Editor). Editorial Introduction


Banaji, Shakuntala. Seduced ‘Outsiders’ versus Sceptical ‘Insiders’?  Slumdog Millionaire Through its Re/Viewers

Butsch, Richard. Crowds, Publics & Consumers: Representing English Theatre Audiences from the Globe to the OP Riots

Claessens, Nathalie & Alexander Dhoest. Comedy Taste: Highbrow/Lowbrow Comedy and Cultural Capital

McDougall, Julian. Wiring the Audience

Monaco, Jeanette. Memory Work, Autoethnography and the Construction of a Fan-Ethnography

del Río, Esteban. Consuming and Contesting Latinidad: Audience Research and Cultural Capital


Buckingham, David & Rebekah Willett (eds.). Video Cultures: Media Technology and Everyday Creativity.  Palgrave MacMillan (2009). ISBN: 9780230221864.

Buckingham, David et al. ‘The Impact of the Commercial World on Children’s Wellbeing: Report of an Independent Assessement’.  Report to the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (2009).

Papadopoulos, Linda. ‘Sexualisation of Young People Review’.  Home Office (2009).

Wood, Helen. Talking with Television: Women, Talk Shows and Modern Self-Reflexivity.  University of Illinois Press (2009). ISBN: 9780252076022.