Volume 5, Issue 1

May 2008


Hollinshead, Ailsa (Guest Editor). Editorial Introduction and Call for Papers


Cherry, Brigid. Gothics and Grand Guignols: Violence and the Gendered Aesthetics of Cinematic Horror

Haines Lyon, Charlotte. Kill Bill Volume 2: A Film Worthy of Meaning Making?

Axelson, Tomas. Movies and Meaning: Studying Audience, Fiction Film and Existential Matters

Hardie, Amy. Rollercoasters and Reality: A Study of Big Screen Documentary Audiences 2002-2007

Esan, Oluyinka. Appreciating Nollywood: Audiences and Nigerian ‘Films’

Vélez-Serna, María Antonia. The Construction of Popular Taste According to Colombian Filmmakers of the 1940s

Selfe, Melanie. Inflected Accounts and Irreversible Journeys


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