Volume 4, Issue 1

May 2007


Barker, Martin (Editor). Editorial Opinion Piece


Attwood, Feona. ‘Other’ or ‘One of Us’? The Porn User in Public and Academic Discourse

Barrett, Jenny. ‘You’ve Made Mistress Very, Very Angry’: Displeasure and Pleasure in Media Representations of BDSM

Dover, Caroline. Everyday Talk: Investigating Media Consumption and Identity Amongst School Children

Gray, Jonathan & Jason Mittell. Speculations on Spoilers: Lost Fandom, Narrative Consumption and Rethinking Textuality

Levine, Elana. Television, Sexual Difference and Everyday Life in the 1970s: American Youth as Historical Audience

Ruddock, Andy. Get a Real Job: Authenticity on the Performance, Reception and Study of Celebrity

Santos, Jennifer M. Data on Data: Viewer Responses to Star Trek: The Next Generation


Dell, Chad. The Revenge of Hatpin Mary: Women, Professional Wrestling and Fan Culture in the 1950s. New York: Peter Lang Press (2006). ISBN 0-8204-7270-0 (pbk), pp. xii + 172

Banaji, Shakuntala. Reading ‘Bollywood’: The Young Audience and Hinhi Films. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (2006). ISBN 0-230-00172-6 (pbk), pp. xix + 208

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