Volume 3, Issue 2

November 2006


Harindranath, Rawaswami (Guest Editor). Editorial Introduction – International audience research: continuing concerns and novel developments


Moores, Shaun. Media Uses & Everyday Environmental Experiences: A Positive Critique of Phenomenological Geography

Seamon, David. A Geography of Lifeworld in Retrospect: A Response to Shaun Moores

Machado-Borges, ThaΓ―s. Going with the Flow: Ethnography & Dialogism in the Reception of Brazilian Telenovelas

Montiel, AimΓ©e Vega. (A Long Way To) Building One’s Own Citizenship: Housewives, Politics and TV news in Mexico

Jung, Sun. Bae Yong-Joon, Hybrid Masculinity & the Counter-coeval Desire of Japanese Female Fans

HirsjΓ€rvi, Irma. Recognising the Fantasy Literature Genre

Harindranath, Rawaswami. Audiences, public knowledge and citizenship in democratic states: preliminary thoughts on a conceptual framework

Egan, Kate & Martin Barker. Rings around the World: Notes on the Challenges, Problems & Possibilities of International Audience Projects