Volume 19, Issue 1

November 2022


Editor’s Introduction
Sue Turnbull


Researching transnational audiences in the streaming era: Designing, piloting and refining a mixed methods approach 
Cathrin Bengesser, Andrea Esser & Jeanette Steemers

RT’s appeal to British audiences on Facebook: Outsider in an untrustworthy media environment
Natalie-Anne Hall

Female middle-aged fandom and K-Pop in Malaysia
Sharmaine Loh & Callum Gilmour

Theatre through Zoom: Audience responses to The Time Machine
Emma Weitkamp, Karen Collins, Milly Farrell & Lucy Askew

Do Books Make Better Souvenirs? An Exploration of Souvenir Value for the Book Industry
Rachel Noorda

Themed Section: International film audiences — Industrial and academic perspectives (Part 2)

Maya Nedyalkova & Daniela Treveri Gennari

The dynamics of audience practices: mobilities of film consumption
Matthew Hanchard, Peter Merrington & Bridgette Wessels

Young Flemish audiences’ cinema-going intentions and VOD streamed viewing
practices during COVID-19

Stephanie Tintel & Tim Raats

Memories of Cinema-going in Little Nassau
Monique Toppin

From the Periphery: Voices from the New Towns
Angela English

Achieving an intimacy of knowledge and effect? The impact of documentary films in Europe
Huw D. Jones

The imagined affordances of cinema-going and national cinema
Sten Kauber

Bringing cinema experiences back: A conversation with Armand Fall, manager of the Complexe Cinématographique Ousmane Sembène in Dakar, Senegal
Estrella Sendra Fernandez

“I Realised that This History Is Going to Be Erased”:  Photographer Hemant Chaturvedi on Changing Film Exhibition in India, Its Forgotten Theatres and People
Daniela Treveri Gennari & Maya Nedyalkova

“Caribbean cinema continues to be on the margins of the margins, it’s a homeless cinema…”: An interview with Lisa Harewood and Jonathan Ali, The Twelve30 Collective
Hanna Klien-Thomas

Mapping out contemporary Brazilian film: Reaching new audiences
Hadija Chalupe da Silva