Volume 17, Issue 2

November 2020


Barker, Martin. Editorial Introduction


Beattie, Melissa. “Like an American, but without a gun”?: Canadian national identity and the Kids in the Hall

Fox, Mark. Drive-in theatres and audience rules of conduct, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

Funnell, Lisa & Tyler Johnson. Properties of a lady: Public perceptions of women in the James Bond franchise

Hanchard, Matthew, Peter Merrington & Bridgette Wessels. Being part of an audience: Patterns of contemporary film audience experience

Harrington, C. Lee. Canine possibilities: Discourses of dog fandom

Themed Section: Fandom and Comics

Einwächter, Sophie G., Vanessa Ossa, Véronique Sina & Sven Stollfuß. On the intersection of fan studies and comics studies: Contextualization and introduction

Hills, Matt. Transmedia trajectories and “figures of the fan audience” in Comics Studies and Fan Studies: Arrested development … or transmedial developments

Andersen, Tem Frank & Thessa Jensen. Tintin and the adventure of transformative and critical fandom

Lamerichs, Nicolle. Scrolling, swiping, selling: Understanding Webtoons and the data-driven participatory culture around comics

Hart, Danielle. “A War for a Better Tomorrow”: Ms. Marvel fanworks as protest art

Brinker, Felix. Reader mobilization and the courting of fannish consumption practices in 1970s Marvel superhero comic books

Hülsmann, Katharina. Navigating the spreadability of the Japanese fan comic: Protective practices in the Dōjinshi community

Thelen, Timo. Transnational comic tourism and fan capital: Japanese Attack on Titan fans traveling to Germany

Themed Section: Politics goes pop

Williamson, Milly. Introduction: Feminism, celebrity and the question of agency in neoliberal times

Klien-Thomas, Hanna. #LeaveSheAlone: Feminist hashtag activism and Carnival popular culture in the Caribbean

Paule, Michele & Hannah Yelin. “There are so many things that you could change”: The gendered politics of hope and aspiration in girls’ mediated imaginings of leadership

Limatius, Hanna. “I think she’s truly beautiful”: Celebrity, gender and body positivity in plus-size fashion blogs