Volume 17, Issue 1

May 2020


Mathijs, Ernest. Editorial Introduction

Barker, Martin & Sue Turnbull. Call for Proposals: The concept of “engagement”


Alhayek, Katty. Watching television while forcibly displaced: Syrian refugees as participant audiences

Antola, Laura. “It is nice that you want to improve this comic book together with us”: The letters page’s significance in the transnational adaptation of Marvel comics in Finland

Lillqvist, Ella. Always already Nerdfighters: Constitution of an activist fan community through interpellation

Sharma, Neelam. Deriving meanings out of a fictional text: Analyzing readers’ performance of a narrative in India by using a mental models approach

Sullivan, Erin. Live to your living room: Streamed theatre, audience experience, and the Globe’sΒ A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Themed Section

Rosenbaum, Judith E. & Gwen Bouvier. Twitter, social movements and the logic of connective action: Activism in the 21st century – an introduction

Reynolds, Alexandra. Circulation, impact and the use of Twitter in contemporary museum activism

Walker, Heather R. #CripTheVote: How disabled activists used Twitter for political engagement during the 2016 Presidential Election

Parisi, Lorenza, Francesca Communello & Andrea Amico. Networked volunteering during the 2013 Sardinian floods

Zulli, Diana. Evaluating hashtag activism: Examining the theoretical challenges and opportunities of #BlackLivesMatter

Bouvier, Gwen. Afterword: Is social media activism really activism?


Barchas, Janine. The Lost Books of Jane AustenΒ (reviewed by Martin Barker)