Volume 15, Issue 1

May 2018


Barker, Martin. Editorial introduction: Cambridge Analytica, ‘Nudge Theory’, and ‘figures of the audience’


Grundström, Heidi. What digital revolution? Cinema-going as practice

Staiger, Janet. Mailer and Maidstone:  When Cinéma Vérité fiction becomes real

Stollfuß, Sven. Between television, web and social media: On social TV, About:Kate and participatory production in German Public Television

Van Damme, Kristin & Cédric Courtois. At your (public) service: A cross-media news consumption study of the 50-65 age group

Xu, Min & Stijn Reijnders. Getting close to the media world? On the attraction of encountering film industry professionals at Shanghai International Film Festival

Themed Section: Toxic Fan Practices

Hills, Matt. An extended Foreword: From fan doxa to toxic fan practices?

Proctor, William & Bridget Kies. Editors’ Introduction: On toxic fan practices and the new culture wars

Scott, Suzanne. Towards a theory of fan/producer trolling

Proctor, William. ‘I’ve seen a lot of talk about the #blackstormtrooper outrage, but not a single example of anyone complaining’: The Force Awakens, canonical fidelity and non-toxic fan practices

Lamerichs, Nicolle, Dennis Nguyen, Mari Carmen Puerta Melguizo, Radmilla Radojevic & Anna Lange-Böhmer. ‘Elite male bodies: The Circulation of alt-Right memes, and framing of politicians on social media

Stevens, J. Richard and Rachel van der Merwe. The imagined communities of Toxic Puppies: Considering fan community discourse in the 2015 Hugo Awards “Puppygate” controversy

Walton, Sarah Schaefer. ‘The leaky canon: Constructing and policing heteronormativity in the Harry Potter fandom’

Jones, Bethan. “Stop Moaning. I Gave You My Email. Give Me A Solution”: Walker Stalker Con, fantagonism and fanagement on social media

Meimaridis, Melina & Thaiane Oliveira. The pleasure of spoiling: The spectrum of toxicity Behind Spoilers in Brazil

Zolides, Andrew. “Smarks”: Kynical engagement and coalitional fandom of Professional Wrestling

Guerrero-Pico, Mar, María-José Establés & Rafa Ventura. Killing off Lexa: ‘”Dead Lesbian Syndrome” & intra-fandom management of toxic fan practices in an online queer community

Cameron, Kelsey. Toxic regulation: From TV’s Code of Practices to #BuryYourGays

Geraghty, Lincoln. Hallowed place, toxic space: “Celebrating” Steve Bartman and Chicago Cubs’ fan pilgrimage


Salter, Anastasia and Bridget Blodgett. Toxic Geek Masculinity in Media: Sexism, Trolling, and Identity Policing (reviewed by Katherine Larsen)

Round-table on Toxic Fan Practices

Proctor, William, Bridget Kies, Bertha Chin, Katherine Larsen, Richard McCulloch, Rukmini Pande, Mel Standfill

Themed Section: Documentary audiences

Hight, Craig & Kate Nash. Introduction: Audience research into documentary and related media

Harindranath, Ramaswami. Veridicality and the truth claims of the documentary in the post-truth era: Rethinking audiences’ “horizon of expectations”

Weidle, Franziska. How to reconcile that flinch: Towards a critical analysis of documentary situations in 360° and VR environments

Kouchakji, Kristi. Activism in action: Screening The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence in the West

Debates and Responses

Barker, Martin. The rise of the Qualiquants: On methodological advances and ontological issues in audience research (review essay on Carolyn Michelle et al., Fans, Blockbusterisation, and the Transformation of Cinematic Desire)


Booth, Paul. Digital Fandom 2.0. New Media Studies (reviewed by James Rendell)

Reindhard, CarrieLynn D. & Christopher Olson (eds.). Making Sense of Cinema: Empirical Studies into Film Spectators and Spectatorship (reviewed by Jamie Terrill)

Zeller, Frauke, Cristina Ponte and Brian O’Neill (eds.). Revitalising Audience Research: Innovations in European Audience Research (reviewed by Marcus O’Dair)