Volume 12, Issue 2

November 2015


Barker, Martin, Ernest Mathijs & Sue Turnbull (Joint Editors). Getting beyond Paul Lazarsfeld at last?


Chalmers, Dana Lori. Resisting radical ideologies, one play at a time: A mixed-methods study of audience responses to Ideologically Challenging Entertainment

Torres da Silva, Marisa. What do users have to say about online news comments? Readers’ accounts and expectations of public debate and online moderation: a case study

Daggett, Chelsea. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold: Antiheroes for outcasts

Dhoest, Alexander. Revisiting reception research: Case study on diasporic LGBTQs

Holmes, Su. “That perfect girl is gone”: Pro-ana, anorexia and Frozen (2013) as an ‘eating disorder’ film

King, Gretchen. Hearing community radio listeners: A storytelling approach for community media audience research

McKeown, Bruce, Dan B. Thomas & James C. Rhoads. Falling hard for Breaking Bad: An investigation of audience response to a popular television series

Price, Sarah M. Academic and commercial research: Bridging the gap

Themed Section: Transcultural fandom

Chin, Bertha & Lori Hitchcock Morimoto. Introduction

Driessen, Simone. Larger than life: exploring the transcultural fan practices of the Dutch Backstreet Boys fandom

Devereux, Eoin & Melissa Hidalgo. “You’re gonna need someone on your side”: Morrissey’s Latino/a and Chicano/a fans

Noppe, Nele. Mechanisms of control in online fanwork sales: A comparison of Kindle Worlds and Dlsite.com

Ryan, Ciarán. Music fanzine collecting as capital accumulation

Promkhuntong, Wikanda. Cinephiles, music fans and film auteur(s): Transcultural taste cultures surrounding mashups of Wong Kar-wai’s movies on YouTube

van de Goor, Sophie Charlotte. “You must be new here”: Reinforcing the good fan


Conner, Lynne. Audience Engagement and the Role of Arts Talk in the Digital Era (reviewed by Christian Morgner)

Gibson, Mel. Remembered Reading: Memory, Comics and Post-War Constructions of British Girlhood (reviewed by Martin Barker)