Volume 12, Issue 1

May 2015


Barker, Martin (Editor). Thinking differently about “censorship”


Bergström, Annika. The contexts of internet use: From innovators to late majority

Knight, Victoria. Television, emotion and prison life: Achieving personal control

Matikainen, Janne. Motivations for content generation in social media

Reinhard, CarrieLynn D. & Kevin Miller. Men watching Sex and the City, My Little Pony, and Oklahoma: The interpretation of gender appropriateness in the reception of cross-gendered media products

Wroot, Jonathan. Reviewing distinctive DVD experiences: NEO Magazine and the critical reception of Asian media distributors

Chambers, Amy C. & R. Lyle Skains. Scott Pilgrim vs. the multimodal mash-up: Film as participatory narrative

Themed Section 1: Theatre Audiences

Reason, Matthew & Kirsty Sedgman. Editors’ general introduction: Themed Section on theatre audiences

Sedgman, Kirsty. Introduction to Part 1: Be reasonable! On institutions, values, voices

Wilkinson, Julie. Dissatisfied ghosts:  Theatre spectatorship and the production of cultural value

Hadley, Bree. Participation, politics and provocations: People with disabilities as non-conciliatory audiences

Schuitema, Karian. A provocation: Researching the diverse child audience in the UK

Richardson, John M. Live theatre in the age of digital technology: “Digital habitus” and the youth live theatre audience

Pasquier, Dominique. “The Cacophony of Failure”: Being an audience in a traditional theatre

Lindelof, Anja Mølle & Louise Ejgod Hansen. Talking about theatre: Audience development through dialogue

Johanson, Katya & Hilary Glow. A virtuous circle: The positive evaluation phenomenon in arts audience research

Reason, Matthew. Introduction to Part 2: Participations on Participation: Researching the “active” theatre audience

Gomme, Rachel. Not-so-close encounters: Searching for intimacy in one-to-one performance

Biggin, Rose. Reading fan mail: Communicating immersive experience in Punchdrunk’s Faust and The Masque of the Red Death

Wozniak, Jan. The value of being together? Audiences in Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man

Wilson, Anna. “Playing the Game”: Authenticity and invitation in Ontroerend Goed’s Audience

Gröschel, Uwe. Researching audiences through Walking Fieldwork

Breel, Astrid. Audience agency in participatory performance: A methodology for examining aesthetic experience

Themed Section 2: Tweeting the Olympics: International broadcasting soft power and social media

Gillespie, Marie & Ben O’Loughlin. Editorial Introduction: International news, social media and soft power: The London and Sochi Olympics as global media events

Burchell, Kenzie & Ben O’Loughlin, Marie Gillespie & Eva Nieto McAvoy. Soft power and its audiences: Tweeting the Olympics from London 2012 to Sochi 2014

Dennis, James, Marie Gillespie & Ben O’Loughlin. Tweeting the Olympics: Towards a methodological framework for Big Data analysis of audience engagement during global media events

Procter, Rob, Alex Voss & Ilia Lvov. Audience research and social media data: Opportunities and challenges

Willis, Alistair, Ali Fisher & Ilia Lvov. Mapping networks of influence: Tracking Twitter conversations through time and space

Shreim, Nour. Tweeting the Olympics: Transcending national, religious and gender identities on BBC Arabic

Voss, Alex & Marzieh Asgari-Targhi. The inescapable history and politics of Anglo-Iranian relations: Audience engagement with BBC Persian on social media during the London 2012 Olympics

Aslan, Billur, James Dennis & Ben O’Loughlin. Balding goes trolling? Cross-media amplification of controversy at the 2012 Olympics

Aslanyan, Anna & Marie Gillespie. The Russian-language Twittersphere, the BBC World Service and the London Olympics

Hutchings, Stephen Marie Gillespie, Ilya Yablokov, Ilia Lvov & Alexander Voss. Staging the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 on Russia Today and BBC World News: From soft power to geopolitical crisis

Burchell, Kenzie. Infiltrating the space, hijacking the platform: Pussy Riot, Sochi protests, and media events

Themed Section 3: EIFAC 2014

Dickson, Lesley-Ann. Section Introduction: Edinburgh International Film Audiences Conference, 2014

Ateşman, Özge Özdüzen. The Politicisation and “Occupy”sation of the Istanbul Film Festival Audience

Dickson, Lesley-Ann. “Ah! Other Bodies!”: Embodied spaces, pleasures and practices at Glasgow Film Festival

Martinez, Josu, Miriam Frances, Katixa Agirre & Miren Manias-Muñoz. Zinegin Basque film festival: A non-existent audience revealed

Ralph, Sarah & Martin Barker. What a performance!  Exploring audiences’ responses to film acting

Saryusz-Wolska, Magdalena. Watching films in the ruins: Cinema-going in early post-war Berlin


Burland, Karen & Stephanie Pitts (eds.). Coughing and Clapping: Investigating Audience Experience (reviewed by Rose Biggin)

Radbourne, Jennifer, Hilary Glow & Katya Johanson (eds.). The Audience Experience: A Critical Analysis of Audiences in the Performing Arts (reviewed by Kirsty Sedgman)