Volume 11, Issue 1

May 2014


Barker, Martin, Sue Turnbull & Ernest Mathijs (Editors). Participations: Mk. 2


Anaz, Necati. Geopolitics of film: Surveying audience reception of a Turkish film, Valley of the Wolves: Palestine

Boyle, Karen. Gender, comedy and reviewing culture on the Internet Movie Database

Davis, Charles H., Carolyn Michelle, Ann Hardy & Craig Hight. Framing audience prefigurations of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: The roles of fandom, politics and idealised intertexts

Marx, Lisa. Making cinephiles: An ethnographic study of audience socialization

Special Section: The role of news in children’s and young people’s identities

Ponte, Cristina. Researching the role of news in children’s and young people’s identities

Alon-Tirosh, Michal & Dafna Lemish. “If I was making the news”: What do children want from news?

Brites, Maria José. Consuming the news and building civic participation

de Carvalho, Maria João Leote & Juliana Serrão. Young offenders’ interests and motivations related to accessing TV and Press news

Lemish, Dafna & Rotem Pick Alony. The gendered nature of news consumption by children and youth

Marôpo, Lídia. Youth, identity, and stigma in the media: From representation to the young audience’s perception

Special Section: Researching audiences in digital mediated and interactive experiences

Lehn, Dirk Vom & Irida Ntalla. Special Section Introduction

Barry, Marguerite. Please do touch! Understanding interactivity in the exhibition space

Cefai, Sarah. The lesbian intimate: Capacities for feeling in convergent media contexts

Bouko, Catherine. Interactivity and immersion in a media-based performance

Moussouri, Theano & George Roussos. Mobile sensing, BYOD and Big Data Analytics: New technologies for audience research in museums

Spiliopoulou, Anastasia-Yvoni, Simon Mahony, Vassilis Routsis & Christina Kamposiori. Cultural institutions in the digital age: British Museum’s use of Facebook Insights

Witchel, Harry J., Carina E.I. Westling, Julian Tee, Aoife Healy, Robert Needham & Nachiappan Chockalingam. What does not happen: Quantifying embodied engagement using NIMI and self-adaptors

Ntalla, Irida. Review of Pille Runnel & Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt (eds.): Democratising the Museum: Reflections on Participatory Technologies


Carpentier, Nico, Kim Christian Schrøder & Lawrie Hallett (eds.). Audience Transformations – Shifting Audience Positions in Later Modernity. (reviewed by Uwe Gröschel)

Hetsroni, Amir (ed.). Reality Television: Merging the Global and the Local. (reviewed by Sara Marino)

Holmes, Su & Diane Negra (eds.). In the Limelight and Under the Microscope: Forms and Functions of Female Celebrity. (reviewed by Martin Fradley)

Patriarche, Geoffroy, Helena Bilandzic, Jakob Linaa Jensen and Jelena Jurišić (eds.). Audience Research Methodologies: Between Innovation and Consolidation. (reviewed by Martin Barker)

Sperb, Jason. Disney’s Most Notorious Film: Race, Convergene, and the Hidden Histories of ‘Song of the South’. (reviewed by Wickham Clayton)

Voorhees, Gerald, Joshua Call & Katie Whitlock (eds.). Dungeons, Dragons, and Digital Denizens: The Digital Role-Playing Game. (reviewed by Alexander Sergeant)

White, Gareth. Audience Participation in Theatre: Aesthetics of the Invitation. (reviewed by Grant Tyler Peterson)