Volume 10, Issue 2

November 2013


Barker, Martin & Sue Turnbull (Joint Editors). Editorial Introduction


Griffiths, Merris. Locating commercial media in children’s everyday lives: A comparative study of free-time activity preferences in the UK and USA

Jacobs, Katrien. Impersonating and performing queer sexuality in the Cosplay zone

Nimrod, Galit. Applying Gerontographics in the study of older Internet users

Pitts, Stephanie E., Melissa C. Dobson, Kate Gee & Christopher P. Spencer. Views of an audience: Understanding the orchestral concert experience from player and listener perspectives

Richards, Lisa. “A good, kind, decent man”: Modifying masculinity in fan fiction depictions of Gene Hunt

Vainikka, Eliisa & Juha Herkman. Generation of content-producers? The reading and media production practices of young adults

Zhou, Egret Lulu. Displeasure, star-chasing and the transcultural networking fandom

Special Section: Moving Targets

White, Gregor. Special Section Introduction

Mehrpouya, Hadi, Deborah Maxwell & Diego Zamora. Reflections on co-creation: An open source approach to co-creation

Harris, Paul & Chris Fremantle. Practising equality?  Issues for co-creative and participatory practices addressing social justice and equality

Zamora, Diego, Karl Monsen & Rocio von Jungenfeld. Crafting public space: Findings from an interdisciplinary outdoor workshop on 3D printing

Donald, Iain & Dayna Galloway. Documenting debate: Online communities and the expansive interactive documentary

Calvi, Licia. A performance-based approach for interactions in public spaces

Mavridou, Orion & Robin J.S. Sloan. Playing outside the box: Transformative works and computer games as participatory culture

Prior, Suzanne, Jen Baillie, Gemma Kearney & Deborah Maxwell. Understanding audiences from industry sectors in knowledge exchange

Lowthorpe, Chris, Sean Taylor & Gregor White. Stop just making stuff!  Listening, co-creation and sustainability in independent game development

Franklin, Michael. What metrics really mean, a question of causality and construction in leveraging social media audiences into business results: Cases from the UK film industry


Balnaves, Mark & Tom O’Regan with Ben Goldsmith. Rating the Audience: The Business of Media (reviewed by Sarah Martindale)

Benzecry, Claudio. The Opera Fanatic: Ethnography of an Obsession and Fuller, Danielle & DeNel Rehberg Sedo: Reading Beyond the Book: The Social Practices of Contemporary Literary Culture (reviewed by Martin Barker)

Biltereyst, Daniel, Richard Maltby & Philippe Meers (eds.). Cinema, Audiences and Modernity: new perspectives on European cinema history (reviewed by Tonia Kazakopoulou)

Crawford, Garry, Victoria K. Gosling, & Ben Light (eds.). Online Gaming in Context: The Social and Cultural Significance of Online Games (reviewed by Bjarke Liboriussen)

Luhtakallio, Eeva. Practicing Democracy: Local activism and politics in France and Finland (reviewed by Ian Lamond)