Volume 1, Issue 3

February 2005


Barker, Martin (Editor). Introduction to Issue 3


Boughtwood, Desiree. View to be Thin: Interrogating Media’s Relationship to Eating Disorders through Audience Research

Staiger, Janet. Cabinets of Transgression: Collecting and Arranging Hollywood Images


Melvyn Stokes & Richard Maltby (Eds). Identifying Hollywood’s Audiences: Cultural Identity and the Movies. London, BFI (1999). ISBN 0-85170-738-4 (hbk), 0-85170-739-4 (pbk), pp. v + 209

Glyn Davis & Kay Dickinson (Eds). Teen TV: Genre, Consumption and Identity. London, BFI (2004). ISBN 0-85170-999-0 (pbk), pp. viii + 197