Volume 8, Issue 1

(May 2011)

Special Edition

Past Issues



Barker, Martin (Joint Editor):

'Editorial introduction'


Special Edition

Gillespie, Marie, Hugh Mackay & Alban Webb (Guest Editors - Special Edition):

'Special Issue Introduction: Design & devices: Towards a genealogy of audience research methods at the BBC World Service, 1932-2011'

Ampofo, Lawrence:

'The social life of real-time social media monitoring'

Mackay, Hugh & Jingrong Tong:

'Interactivity, the global conversation and World Service research: Digital China'

Mytton, Graham:

'Audience research at the BBC World Service 1932-2010'

Parta, R. Eugene:

'Audience Research in Extremis: Cold War Broadcasting to the USSR'

Skuse, Andrew & Marie Gillespie:

'Designs, devices and development: Audience research as creative resource in the making of an Afghan radio drama'

Webb, Alban:

'A leap of imagination: BBC audience research over the iron curtain'

Wilding, Colin M.:

'Numbers that count: Measuring the BBC World Service global audience'



Anderson, Lauren:

'Dancing about architecture?  Talking around popular music in film soundtracks'

Deller, Ruth:

'Twittering on: Audience research and participation using Twitter'

Lee, Angela:

'Time Travelling with Fanfic Writers: Understanding fan culture through repeated online interviews'

Williams, Rebecca:

'"Wandering off into soap land": Fandom, genre and 'shipping' The West Wing'



Highmore, Ben:

Ordinary Lives: Studies in the Everyday.  Routledge (2010).  ISBN: 9780415461870.

Hill, Annette:

Restyling Factual TV Audience & News, Documentary & Reality Genres.  Routledge (2007).  ISBN: 9780415379564.

Papacharissi, Zizi (ed.):

A Networked Self, Identity, Community, & Culture on Social Network Sites.  Routledge (2010).  ISBN: 9780415801812.

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