Volume 6, Issue 2

(November 2009)

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Martin Barker,
Aberystwyth University, UK


This is for us a ‘bumper issue’.  Readers will see that we have in total ten substantial contributions this time. Seven of these originated from the Third Edinburgh International Film Audiences Conference, and Participations really has to record its thanks – as we think the field of research should – to Ailsa Hollinshead who has organised all these conferences, and gone on from that to edit these seven contributions for us.  Ailsa has written her own Introduction to these, and I refer readers on to her account of both the conference and these papers.

Beyond these, we now publish four other papers on very diverse topics.  Dean Biron offers a valuable extended critical consideration of the concepts of ‘high-brow’ and ‘low-brow’ as they have been deployed in a series of researches which have received wide consideration within our field.  David Church explores the reputation of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Salò, looking at the ways in particular this reveals tensions within subcultural appropriations of the film.  Elizabeth Evans and Roberta Pearson report the processes and outcomes of a research project which they directed, which explored the uses of audio description services to visually-impaired audiences.  And Merris Griffiths presents the methods and findings of a piece of opportunistic local research into the responses of local people to the screening of The Edge of Love which was filmed in their town, New Quay in 2007 – and in which a number of them indeed appeared as Extras.

Our principle as a Journal is to publish materials as soon as, in the judgement of the editors and referees, they are ready for publication.  We do this because authors want to get their work into the public arena as soon as possible, and use and evaluation cannot begin until it is there.  This will inevitably mean that there will be sharp rises and falls in the size of the Journal, but with our online system we do not see this as a problem.  We do hope, however, that readers and contributors will let us – and authors of contributions – know their views, since that is the whole point of the operation.  Many thanks, also, to those of you who sent in your views on the redesign of the Journal at the last edition – we were very pleased with the general welcome this received.


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