Volume 15, Issue 2

(December 2018)



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Barker, Martin:

'Editorial introduction'



Ames, Kate & Jacqui Ewart:

'"I entertain my friends": Talk radio callers' views on their role in entertaining the audience'

Heiselberg, Lene:

'Expanding the toolbox: Researching reception of TV programs with a combination of EDA measurements and self-reports in applied audience research'

Johanssen, Jacob:

'The neoliberal subject, reality TV and free association: A Freudian audience study of Embarrassing Bodies'

Keinonen, Heidi, Pia Majbritt Jensen, Anna Maria Lemor & Andrea Esser:

'Modes of engagement with musical talent shows: Studying audience engagement as a set of experiences'

Maltby, Richard, Dylan Walker & Mike Walsh:

'The Seat of Bob Parr's Pants 1: Intuition, programming and the local cinema circuit'

Seymour, Jessica:

'Homage, Collaboration, or Intervention: How framing fanart affects its interpretation'

Smith, Martin Ian:

'Serb your enthusiasm: Anti-fandom and A Serbian Film'

Van Belle, Jono:

'The everyday life of Auteurs du Cinema: The reception of Ingmar Bergman and his films'


Themed Section: Cities of Culture

Tommarchi, Enrico, Louise Ejgod Hansen & Franco Bianchini:

'Problematising the question of participation in Capitals of Culture'

Hudson, Christine, Linda Sandberg & Ulrika Schmauch:

'A place for culture? Building an Alternative House of Culture in the context of the 2014 European Capital of Culture in Umeå, Sweden'

Chappell, Angela & Louise Ejgod Hansen:

'How is carnival art used to create participation in Cities and Capitals of Culture in the UK?'

Eriksson, Birgit, Camilla Møhring Reestorff & Carsten Stage:

'Forms and potential effects of citizen participation in European cultural centres'

Schielicke, Anna-Maria, Cornelia Mothes & Valentina Marcenaro:

'Apropos Prohlis: A participatory art project in the Run-Up to Dresden as the European Capital of Culture 2025'

Nagy, Szilvia:

'Framing culture: Participatory governance in the European Capitals of Culture programme'


Themed Section: Australasian Fan Studies Network

Chin, Bertha, Matt Hills & Renee Middlemost:

'Introduction to the FSN Australasia 2017 Themed Section'

Willis, Ika:

'Beyond immersion: World as style'

Comerford, Chris:

'Participatory toolboxes: Franchise fan wikis as tools of textual production'

Balanzategui, Jessica, Liam Burke & Dan Golding:

'Recommending a new system: An audience-based approach to film categorisation in the digital age'

Later, Naja:

'The monstrous narratives of transformative fandom'

McAlister, Jodi:

'Bachelor Nation(s): The construction of romantic love and audience investment in The Bachelor/ette in Australia and the United States'

Bainbridge, Jason:

'Peak fandom: Nostalgia, frustration and the shifting orders of fandom in Twin Peaks: The Return'


Debates and Responses

Michelle, Carolyn, Charles Davis, Ann Hardy and Craig Hight:

'Response to Martin Barker's "Rise of the Qualiquants"'



Cherry, Brigid:
Cult Media, Fandom and Textiles: Handicrafting as Fan Art (reviewed by Briony Hannell)

Feasey, Rebecca:
Mothers on Mothers: Maternal Reading of Popular Television (reviewed by Helen Warner)

Hanich, Julian:
The Audience Effect: On the Collective Cinema Experience (reviewed by Martin Barker)

Pangallo, Matteo A.:
Playwriting Playgoers in Shakespeare's Theater (reviewed by Anna Blackwell)

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