Volume 14, Issue 2

(November 2017)



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Turnbull, Sue:

'Editorial Introduction: The Future (Past?) of Media Audience Research'



Askanius, Tina:

'"It feels like home, this is my Malmö": Place, media location and fan experiences of The Bridge'

Berg, Miriam:

'Turkish drama serials as a tool for Soft Power'

Brown, Alan:

'Audience research gone wild'

Corbett, Steve & Bridgette Wessels:

'Active audiences and reflexivity: How film audiences form in northern English regions'

Cullinane, Mark:

'Participatory cultures and democratic legitimation in public service media: Ireland and the RTÉ Audience Council'

Halpern, Andrea & Julian Anderson:

'Preface: Repeat performances and their audiences'

Anderson, Julian:

'On the practice of repeating concert items in concerts of modern or contemporary music: Historical precedents and recent contexts'

Halpern, Andrea Chloe H. K. Chan, Daniel Müllensiefen & John Sloboda:

'Audience reactions to repeating a piece on a concert programme'

Inthorn, Sanna:

'Audience responses to representations of family-assisted suicide on British television'

Pearce, Samantha & Alexis Weedon:

'Film adaptation for knowing audiences: Analysing fan on-line responses to the end of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012)'

Toone, Ashton, Amanda Nell Edgar & Kelly Ford:

'"She made angry Black woman something that people would want to be": Lemonade and Black women as audiences and subjects'


Themed Section: News Consumption across Europe

Edited by Hanna Adoni, Zrinjka Peruško, Hillel Nossek & Kim Christian Schrøder

Adoni, Hanna, Zrinjka Peruško, Hillel Nossek & Kim Christian Schrøder:

'Introduction: News consumption as a democratic resource – News media repertoires across Europe'


Part I: Audience news media repertoires in ten countries

Stark, Birgit & Svenja Bergerhoff:

'News media use in Germany on multiple media platforms: A Q-methodological analysis of news repertoires'

Swart, Joëlle, Chris Peters & Marcel Broersma:

'The ongoing relevance of local journalism and public broadcasters: Motivations for news repertoires in the Netherlands'

Torres da Silva, Marisa, Maria José Brites, Rita Figueiras, Sílvio Correia Santos, Inês Amaral, Lídia Marôpo, Pedro Jerónimo, Paula Espírito Santo & Liliana Pacheco:

'Between traditional and social media: news repertoires in Portugal'

Van Damme, Kristin:

'In Flanders Fields: News media repertoires in Dutch-speaking Belgium'

Van Leeckwyck, Robin, Geoffroy Patriarche & Marie Dufrasne:

'Doing one's shopping in the 'supermarket of news': News media repertoires in French-speaking Belgium'

Peruško, Zrinjka, Antonija Čuvalo & Dina Vozab:

'News as a democratic resource: Q study approach to cross-media news repertoires in Croatia'

Kõuts-Klemm, Ragne:

'High diversity in a post-socialist Nordic country: News repertoires in Estonia'

Jedrzejewski, Stanislaw:

'News repertoires in Poland'

Nossek, Hillel & Hanna Adoni:

'Coexistence of "old" and "new" news media in a transitional media system: News repertoires in Israel'

Hight, Craig & Arezou Zalipour:

'Shopping in a narrow field: Cross-media news repertories in New Zealand'


Part II: Comparing audience news media repertoires across Europe

Van Damme, Kristin, Christian Kobbernagel & Kim Christian Schrøder:

'Comparing European citizens' news media repertoires across nations: A second-order factor analysis approach to explore cross-national patterns'

Kõuts-Klemm, Ragne & Maria José Brites:

'How digital converges cross-media news typologies across countries: A comparative study of news consumption in Estonia and Portugal'

Van Damme, Kristin & Joëlle Swart:

'Cross-medial news usage in the Dutch-language region: A comparative study of news repertoires in the Netherlands and Flanders'

Jedrzejewski, Stanislaw:

'Public service media news consumption across Europe: Views from a Q-methodological repertoire study'


Themed Section: Unsociable Audiences

Edited by Stephen Gaunson & Tessa Dwyer

Dwyer, Tessa & Steve Gaunson:

'Un/social cinema – audience decorum revisited'

Blake, James:

'Second Screen interaction in the cinema: Experimenting with transmedia narratives and commercialising user participation'

Llinares, Dario:

'"Please turn your phone on": Analysing outcomes of second-screen spectatorship using Social Media in the cinema space'

Dwyer, Tessa:

'Hecklevision, Barrage Cinema and Bullet Screens: An intercultural analysis'

Coates, Jennifer:

'Socializing the audience: Going to the cinema in post-war Japan'

Gaunson, Steve:

'The 'Picture' habit: Bad decorum and delinquents at the Silent Cinema'

Sandars, Diana:

'Sing and go wild: Embracing the cult-like musical experience of children's cinema'

Amit, Rea:

'Shall we dance, Rajni? The Japanese cult of Kollywood'

Stevens, Kirsten:

'Between Like and Love: Cinephilia and connected viewing in film festival audiences'

Kennedy, Helen:

'"Join a cast of 1000s, to sing and dance in the Revolution": the Secret Cinema "Activist" brand and the commodification of affect within "experience communities"'

Atkinson, Sarah:

'"You sure that's a film, man?": Audience anticipation, expectation and engagement in Lost in London LIVE'



Thissen, Judith & Clemens Zimmermann (eds.):
Cinema Beyond the City: Small-town and Rural Film Culture in Europe (reviewed by Martin Smith)

Whitehouse-Hart, Jo:
Psychosocial Explorations of Film and Television Viewing: Ordinary Audience (reviewed by Annette Kuhn)


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