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The St Louis Court Brief: Debating audience 'effects' in public

Particip@tions Volume 1, Issue 1 (November 2003)


*Scholars Joining the Brief

Sarah Banet-Weiser, Assistant Professor, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California
Martin Barker, Professor of Film and Television Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
David Buckingham, Professor of Education, London University, England
Francis Couvares, Dean and Professor of History and American Studies, Amherst College
Jane Yellowlees Douglas, Associate Professor of English, University of Florida
Christopher J. Ferguson, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Central Florida
Stuart Fischoff, Professor of Psychology, California State University - Los Angeles
Jib Fowles, Professor of Communication, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Todd Gitlin, Professor of Journalism and Sociology, Columbia University
Robert Horwitz, Professor of Communication, University of California - San Diego
Henry Jenkins, Director of the Program in Comparative Media Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gerard Jones, Author, founder of the Art & Story Workshops
Chuck Kleinhans, Director of Graduate Studies, Dep't of Radio, Television, and Film, Northwestern University
Peter Lehman, Director of Interdisciplinary Humanities Program, Arizona State University
Jon Lewis, Professor of English, Oregon State University
Mike Males, Senior Researcher, Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice; Sociology Instructor, University of California - Santa Cruz

Richard Maltby, Head, School of Humanities, Flinders University, Australia
Frans Mäyrä, Professor and Deputy Director of the Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere, Finland
Tara McPherson, Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Critical Studies, University of Southern California
Jane Mills, Honorary Associate, University of Sydney; Senior Research Associate, Australian Film, Television and Radio School
Stuart Moulthrop, Professor of Language, Literature, and Communications, University of Baltimore
Celia Pearce, Games Researcher, University of California - Irvine
Constance Penley, Professor and Director of the Center for Film, Television, & New Media, University of California - Santa Barbara
Julian Petley, Professor of Sociology and Communications, Brunel University, London, England
Richard Porton, Author, Editor, Cineaste magazine
Angelo Restivo, Assistant Professor of Film Studies, Department of English, East Carolina University
Richard Rhodes, Science Historian, Pulitzer Prize Laureate
Ellen E. Seiter, Professor of Communication, University of California - San Diego
Vivian Sobchack, Associate Dean and Professor of Film and Television Studies, University of California - Los Angeles
Sue Turnbull, Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, La Trobe University, Australia
Thomas Waugh, Professor of Film Studies, Concordia University, Montreal
Linda Williams, Professor of Film Studies, University of California - Berkeley
Ellen Wolock, Ed.D., Managing Editor, Children's Software Revue