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Sources & Resources

This page will become, we hope, a very important one, providing the following:

  • an extensive and permanently growing bibliography of work of all kinds in audience and reception studies
  • a catalogue of links to audience researches of many kinds which are available elsewhere on the web;
  • a link to any major data-sources on audiences which we locate;
  • a link to other web-journals operating in parallel fields;
  • a page through which anyone can nominate further additions to any of the above.

It will clearly take us some time and quite a bit of labour to generate the resources to make these functional.

Other resources and organisations in our field

Intensities - the online Journal of Cult Media

ECREA – the European Communication Research and Education Association (see their 'audiences' section). Summary details of organisation and its activities can be found here.


  Last updated 2016-12-10